⚖ Statera – 9 more prototypes!

Hello everybody!

May the FATnews be with you! Here we are again!

Gamefound this fall

It is coming closer and closer. 🙂 We have started with the production of 9 more Statera prototypes and also contacted manufacturing companies to update our quotes for Statera mass production.

Interactive livestream

Well, this was really great… During May you had a chance to participate in a live Statera story creation! Everyone had a possibility to vote on what kind of story we will create – you voted for a 2-player story and then you helped to create it during our livestream. We would like to thank YOU for your active participation, the story we created is really great and we may include it in the final game!

If you are interested, the next interactive livestream is planned for 9.6.2022 at 9pm CET! Or just check the record of our livestreams at Youtube. You can also write us questions or topics!

Here is permanent link for you to our regular livestreams on Youtube

Work on the rules ongoing

Another thing we started in the end of May is the general update of the rules. It is an important and time-demanding step, so keep your fingers crossed for us. Or if you want to help us with proof-reading or checking our English, let us know.

Well, thank you for reading. Did you miss something or want to know more? Check out our webpages or just let us know.

Have a great day!


Filip and Tomas

Join us in our journey!
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