About our company and us...

FATboardgames company is a company founded by Filip Kráčmar and Tomáš Chládek in early 2020 with a bold vision of creating great and innovative table top games. You can find us in the heart of Europe, in Czech republic, but that doesn't mean we want to focus on so-called eurogames only. We plan to "invade" many game styles as far as our fantasy can go. We hope you will accompany us on this great and adventurous journey, because our utmost target is a happy gamer. 🙂 Therefore we would like to present to you cornerstones of our culture:

Eight cornerstones of FATboardgames' culture

Happy gamer

We care about our gamers

Fair game

We want fair communication

Voice of a gamer

We value opinions of other gamers

Innovative game

We create innovative ideas

Fun to play

We want to make fun

Well tested

We test our games thoroughly

Great looks

We want beautiful art

Step further

We use Lessons Learned

The F&T in FATboardgames



AKA avatar_filip

Hi guys!
I'am one of two thin founders of FATboardgames. Every time I see the name of our company I need to laugh. There are so many meanings! The main one for me is hidden in the two letters F and T = Filip and Tomas. Buddies of gaming covert right in the company name. And no, we are not fat. 🙂 So, about me. I love games! Mostly the ones with a great story. I love party games, I love PC games and of course I love board games. If there is a good story, I like movies, tv shows and books. Great story - that's something I desire to deliver with Statera and as it seems, it's scenarios are going to be that thing. I'am looking forward to see you play our game. See you at a game table! Cheers!

TOP 5 favorite board games?

Root, Cash and Guns, Wingspan, Treasure Island, Forbidden Island

Favorite board game designer?

Jamey Stegmaier

What do you prefer to be for a board game night? A host or a guest?

I like discovering new games at game nights, so definitely a guest. 🙂

Which color of game components do you prefer?

Black if I am playing evil character or Green.

What I like most about Statera?

The scenarios and infinite possibilities of gameplay.



AKA tom

Hi everyone!
My name is Tomas Chladek (call me Tom). I am proud to be a co-founder of FATboardgames, so I would like to write a few words about myself. Lover of board games, sportaholic and occasional bookworm, that could be a start. 🙂 I also like to hike in the nature, where I can get inspiration for new games. Speaking of which...ever since I was a small child I've been creating my own board games and as far as I remember I had this dream of publishing one. And now with Statera I hope this dream will come true! Looking forward to see you around! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or doubts.

TOP 5 favorite board games?

Strategy: Root, Art: Dixit, Interaction: Treasure Island, Teamplay: Codenames, Relax: Camel Cup

Favorite board game designer?

Vladimír „Vlaada“ Chvátil

What do you prefer to be for a board game night? A host or a guest?

Definitely a host. 🙂

Which color of game components do you prefer?


What I like most about Statera?

Puting "souls" on the scales.

Innovative game
We create innovative ideas

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