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Statera on Gamefound!

19. 8. 2022

We made a huge decision yesterday. Statera is going to the Gamefound not Kickstarter. Why the change? Gamefound is so… Read More »Statera on Gamefound!

Rules for Statera ready and public!

8. 7. 2022

Hello Staterans! The weather was hot in June in Czech…and so are the news you can read just now! Let’s… Read More »Rules for Statera ready and public!

⚖ Statera – 9 more prototypes!

8. 6. 2022

Hello everybody! May the FATnews be with you! Here we are again! Gamefound this fall It is coming closer and… Read More »⚖ Statera – 9 more prototypes!

Statera “what’s in the box?” – livestream record!

7. 3. 2022

Hello Staterans! With February gone we made another step towards Statera Kickstarter campaign. Sooo, just sit back and relax while… Read More »Statera “what’s in the box?” – livestream record!

Statera first prototype is comming!

6. 2. 2022

Hello Staterans! January has passed and you are certainly curious about what is happening around Statera. 🙂 So, let’s get… Read More »Statera first prototype is comming!

Statera plans for 2022 kickstarer! Merry Christmas.

23. 12. 2021

Friends, Boardgame-players, Staterans. We would like to look back over the past year, tell you what has worked (and failed)… Read More »Statera plans for 2022 kickstarer! Merry Christmas.

You can meet us on SHUX 2021!

17. 4. 2021

The first quarter of 2021 was quite challenging for us. Not just because of current pandemic situation, but also we… Read More »You can meet us on SHUX 2021!

News 01-03/2021

15. 4. 2021

You haven’t heard from us for quite some time. That’s because we were working really hard to get the game… Read More »News 01-03/2021

Statera – game mechanics

10. 9. 2020

What we really want to bring to the gamers, who will play Statera, is a feeling that they are experiencing… Read More »Statera – game mechanics

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