Statera “what’s in the box?” – livestream record!

Hello Staterans!

With February gone we made another step towards Statera Kickstarter campaign. Sooo, just sit back and relax while reading fresh news from us.

Gamefound still on track

Repetition is the mother of wisdom, so remember that we want to launch Statera campaign this fall!

Our first Statera prototype is complete!

We printed and painted our meeples, we cut the game board and player boards and covered them with stickers, we produced the cards and assembled the scales. There is nothing left..our very first Statera prototype is ready to be tested and you can check it out during our regular streams. The first stream was hudge success where we showed what is in the prototype game box.

Check the record of livestream:

Regular live streams…3, 2, 1 and go!

Our main focus now is to increase awareness about Statera in board game circles, but we also need to playtest, playtest and playtest. We will connect these to activities a little bit and from March on you can watch us live every other week. We will discuss Statera and board game topics, answer your questions and of course sometimes play a bit.

Hope you liked this summary.

Have a great day and see you during our regular streams.


Filip and Tomas

PS: Some photos for you from our four-player game:

Join us in our journey!
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