We solemnly swear that we are up to all good!

With another crowdfunding incident after Euthia, company Boardcubator did the same with their game Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Board Game. Kingdom Come was a huge campaign on Gamefound and they cancel it because they did not meet the money expectations. Although they were funded. It started to become a common practice to lower your funding goals, same as a lack of communication with backers or making weird changes in shipping costs. We feel that we need to comment on how Statera stands and give you a pledge to be better.

Stonemaier Games and Doomsday Robots

What are the odds that just a day before the Kingdom come Deliverance campaign was shut down, Jamey Stegmaier wrote an article where he talks about the topic? He Gives an example of an awesome Publisher Pledge, that Doomsday Robots did to their backers. The pledge is something that we all feel is right but because of the corrupted crowdfunding market, there are few that live by it.

In this insecure time, this “backer comes first” policy is something we (as backers) have to demand from publishers and we (as publishers) can’t wait for the crowdfunding market to crumble before we start talking with our backers straight. This has to be supported even with the platforms and we like that Gamefound came with their Stable pledge program.

Solemnly swear with us!

So we want to join the #publisherpledge that Doomsday Robots kicked off and we challenge the other publishers to do the same. Here is our pledge:

Personal note.

We have to say that from the beginning these were unwritten rules that we went by. Especially the money issues. For small publishers like us, crowdfunding is a way to get our game published and we believe that being open is the only way to get backers’ trust. At first, we really did not think that pledges like this needed to be stated, but we know now it is necessary. Also, if even one of the publishers will follow our example we will call this a success!

Where Statera stands?

Let’s talk openly about Statera right away. We were doing our best to follow this pledge from the start of our journey. At first, we really did not think that pledges like this needed to be stated, but we know now it is necessary.

We have done for Statera art, mechanics, rules and everything is paid and prepared for crowdfunding. We have our own money to get the word out there and we are doing our best to do so. Also, we both have a day job, so our only goal is to manufacture Statera and get it to people who will play it.

We have no goals to get our money back and we consider our investment as a contribution to the “life of the game” – we are the first backers! But we just don’t have the money to produce the game ourselves. It is a lot of money and if we want to see Statera in the hands of players from all over the world we need to crowdfund it.

That doesn’t mean that we would not wish to Statera succeed big time. We do! And we would like to collect enough money to be able not just to create the game of our dreams but even to start working on possible expansions. All of this is not doable without the crowdfunding community.

Please don’t be discouraged by bad crowdfunding tactics and stay loyal to the honest small publishers out there. Because we can’t do this without you!

Click here and check Statera preview page at Gamefound!

Join us in our journey!
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  1. hello, I don’t know if I understood correctly, if you are going to start the game on gamefound? or do it by yourself? I would like it if it is French to be able to play a statera have you planned it? Good continuation

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